Monday, July 20, 2009

A Bundle Of Nerves...

I spent the weekend trying to relax, to take my mind off of Tuesday morning. While in the moment I did thoughts...only fun. Kat and I went to Tannehill on Friday and I took TONS of photos. Yesterday, she and I, along with two of her friends, went to Oak Mountain for some fun on the water. Sadly no photos, but got lots of sun and a great workout on a paddle boat. (Last night I was red and crispy...the 60+ SPF sunscreen LIED to I'm only red and tender.) Now it's Monday, less than 24 hours until my interview, and I feel like I have a billion butterflies in my tummy ready to burst free!!

I'm scared that I'm too old. I'm scared that I've been out of the work force too long. I'm scared that me not being able to lift anything above 10-15lbs may hinder me getting this job. On the upside, I have my resume and my clothes picked out and ready.

Dear Lord please let me get through the next 24 hours in one piece, and if it's your will...let this job be mine!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Gifts For Passing The Sixth Week


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ADSR4 - Challenge #12 - Storytellers

ADSR: CHALLENGE 12 -- {we are} storytellers

Racers, welcome to {we are} storytellers! You are certainly on the home stretch now! Congratulations to all those that are participating. We are sure you've preserved many memories along the road.

This challenge is an INTERSECTION -- Players must collaborate on one project.

Pretend you and your team mate are sitting on a porch, sipping a cup of tea and chatting. You stumble upon the topic of storytelling, your eyes light up and you begin talking about why storytelling is so important to each of you.

Please create a layout that expresses what storytelling means to each of you. Why did you each choose this form (scrapbooking in general and/or digital specifically) to tell your stories? Why is storytelling important? How do you feel about storytelling (is it a creative outlet, way to express your words, document your family's experiences, etc.) Why are you a storyteller? (You don't have to answer all these questions, consider them food for thought and to give you an idea as to what we are looking for.)

Your story must include:
{we are} storytellers word-art provided
At least 1/2 of the layout must be journaling, more the better
At least 5 elements/embellishements
No more than 2 pieces of paper
Only 2 small photos, 1 of each of you, placed in the bottom right hand area of your page. IF you have a photo of the two of you together, you may use it and only required to have 1 photo. The bottom line, we want to see your beautiful faces!

Due to the fires in Victoria, Australia, (and she was away donated goods to those in need) and my recent stay in the hospital, (where I spent over 36 hours stuck in a bed) Lilly and I decided it best if I scrapped the page since I would have the most time on my hands.

We discussed elements and the overall look we wanted. We also discussed the journaling...and even though I wrote the final journaling, she wrote the section about herself and sent it to me to incorporate into the journaling to make it feel as a story.

Word Art by We Are Storytellers
Background from Impressions Paper Pack by Cen's Stuff
Rocking chairs by Jay Elliott (me)
Frames from Vintage Photo Frames by Nancy Comelab
Grass from Grandmothers Garden by Jen Ulasiwicz
Swirl from Magical Swirls3-Winter by Kitty Designs
Tree, Bird from Secret Garden by SussieM Designs
Cloud from Secret GardenII by Lily Designs
Font: Tall Paul
Program: PSP-9

We’re separated by a vast amount of water…Lily’s in Australia and I am in Alabama, USA…and though we are so far apart and have never been able to meet face to face, I feel as close to her as any friend that I know in person.. Every night, my bedroom transforms into a backyard oasis, as I log into Windows Live Messenger and see her name in bold letters. I picture the two of us getting comfy in the rocking chairs beneath my favorite tree as we say our hellos.

Some days we only discuss the week’s challenges and stuff pertaining to the ADSR4 season. Other days we vent about things that get on our nerves. Some times we just talk about our families. However, most recently, the topic of choice has been about our health.

Lilly has suffered from depression all of her life. Once upon a time, she was dependant on medication. Now, however, her therapy is scrap booking. She says it keeps her grounded from being sucked back into that black hole and it has truly saved her life!

For myself, scrap booking plays many roles. It’s a way to record history for my children, It’s an outlet for creating artistic images that I can frame and use as d├ęcor in my home. Most importantly though, it keeps me sane on the days I’m not able to get out of bed due to my rheumatoid arthritis.

Scrap booking, to us, is our lifeline…

ADSR4 - Challenge #11 - One Question

This challenge was hosted at Scrap Orchard.

You know the drill!

You can ask any one person (dead or alive; family, friend, famous or foe) one question. Who would it be and what would you ask them?

Hmmm… interesting. But let’s up the ante a bit, shall we? (if you are familiar with my “Bring It” Challenge, you know I’m not gonna let you get off that easy!!)

Here are some layout requirements:

1. Your layout can have only ONE photo. The photo must either be of the person to whom you are posing the question OR must represent the question you are asking.

2. You MUST include your question in your layout and your question can be the ONLY words/journaling on your layout. This means you have to tell us what your question is, but that’s it. You can’t explain the question or answer the question. I'm a big fan of “less is more”, so express yourself through just your question and your photo.


Template: Anita Stergiou
All BG's: Joyful Heart Designs
Beaded Chain, Stars, Moon: Gurlonthesun Designs
Font: Tall Paul
Question: How long will it take before we are happy again?

Do you know how much I Love you?
Kit used: Mossy Skies by The Scrapping Tree
Harrington Alpha by: Lady Shannon
Template by: Choukette (Modified)
My darling nephew Damon in the photo

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Gifts For Passing The Fifth Week

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ADSR4 - Challenge #10 - Partner Interview

This challenge was hosted by Pixel Gypsy Designs
This project challenge is to be completed by the Racer who did NOT do the January 20 challenge.

It Takes Two:
Interview your race partner (ask at least 5 questions) and create a layout (with a photo) based on that interview. The layout must contain supplies from two designers—no more, no less, and the color scheme must consist mainly of two colors. Minor accent colors are allowed, but 2 colors must stand out most prominently.

Since Lilly did the challenge on January 20th, I got the honor of doing this one!!

Bel Vidotti Scraps:
Blue and Green Backgrounds, Crystal Rain, Blue Photo Wrap, Blue Flowers, Knotted String, Tied String from Equilibrium

Jen Ulasiewicz:
Leaves - Leaves, Pickn Wild Flowers;
Booties - Cuddles N Kisses Sample;
3 Leaf Clover - Irish Countryside;
Dragonfly - Down By The Lily Pond

FONTS: Arial Narrow, Tall Paul

Tell me a little about yourself...
My name is Lilly. I am a 30 year old Aquarius
with an older and younger brother. I have a
Diploma in Child Care. My boyfriend, Darren,
and I have been together for 9 years and
share our home with our car Skitz.

Do you have a goal for this year?
I would love to be pregnant.

How long have you been scrap booking?
Digi-scrapping for about 2 years, but before
that I paper scrapped for about 8 months.

How late have you stayed up scrapping?
I have stayed up ALL night - so over 24 hours.

Do you have a fave scrapbooking snack?

Who is your favorite designer/shop?
My designer of choice/favorite designer
is--Sweet Digi Scraps.

ADSR4 - Challenge #9 - Heritage

This challenge was hosted by KB and Friends.
This week’s challenge is: Generations.
Your scrapbook page completed for this challenge must include:
  • Photos of at least two generations of family members (the more generations, the better).
  • Lace.
  • Something metal, preferably, old metal.
  • At least one flower.
  • At least one vintage or retro-style element. It can be ephemera, an old book, an old
Top Left Photo:My Mamaw & My Great-Grandma
Top Right Photo: My Mamaw & My Momma
Bottom Left Photo: Me & My Momma
Bottom Right Photo: My Daughter & Me
Background, Tree, Frame, Photograph Book from Grandmas Family Tree Album by TinaW Designs

Jen Ulasiewicz:
Lace Trim, Lace Doilie from Vintage Antiquities-Shabby Elements
Flowers from Wild Long Stems
Rusty Metal Milk Can from Old Americana

Hanging Bottlecaps from Attic Treasures by Kathryn Balint
Font: Tall Paul

Kit used: Collage Art by Lilian Cimesa AKA Malacima
Lace from: Remember me always kit by Sweet Digi Scraps
Feb Bloom template by: Carena's Designs
Wordart by: Heaven Dreams

Photo is of my family, my Mum, my 2 brothers, me in the middle and my older brothers 2 kids, Kaden and Tannah (sitting on my knee)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Gifts For Passing The Fourth Week


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